Our Story

Goldstar Café

is a contemporary, luxury café which is inspired by the boutique hotel lobby lifestyle. Our gorgeous espresso bar and healthy eatery offer you a taste of the international style.

Whether you are in the mood for clever conversation, pleasure, leisure, or a business meeting, our comfortable environment is the gold standard in modern café society.

Choose from our luscious lattes, exotic teas, non-fat smoothies, a healthful panini, pizza, morning toast, porridge, or decadent evening dessert and more.

What makes us so special?

1. Our commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly coffee products.

2. A promise to deliver warm and friendly first-class customer service.

3. We offer healthy food & beverage choices - gluten free and sugar free.

Goldstar Café Espresso

is created with only Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Fair Trade Coffee from select regions of Indonesia, Northern Africa and Central America. Our coffee cherries are ripened slowly to develop their full, rich character and handpicked once it has ripened to a deep rich red color.

Our Organic Coffees are grown in nutrient-rich soil conditions and harvested using superior farming practices without the use of pesticides, hormone treatments, steroids or other harmful chemicals.

Decaffeinated coffee beans are processed naturally using an environmentally-friendly Swiss water process that extracts the caffeine while maintaining a rich flavor.

Once harvested, these coffee beans are transported to a roasting facility in Canada, where they are inspected for optimal color, size, quality and moisture content.

After the beans have been roasted, they are then subjected to a series of cuppings and samplings and other quality control programs, in order to ensure that our guests enjoy the very best beans from the world’s top-grade coffee harvests.